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An intern looks back at “Late Show with David Letterman” (COMMENTARY)

If I could have wadded up the resume and cover letter and mailed it in one big ball I would have. That’s how much I thought it wasn’t going to happen.

Getting a jump on electing General Conference delegates

Amidst all of the petitions which failed, were never considered at all, or passed but then were overturned by the Judicial Council, at least one new provision in the Book of Discipline that was adopted by the largely “Do-Nothing General Conference” last year, now provides an interesting opportunity to annual conferences across the connection. Originally […]

Recalling a dad who stood tall with stand on civil rights

By James Rupert, Special Contributor… My father died a few weeks ago, a quiet hero of our human struggle to love. Born in West Virginia during the Depression, the Rev. James C. Rupert grew up, fought and was wounded in America’s cultural civil war. His battle won’t be recorded in history books—but as one of countless individual […]

`Rio Texas Conference’ to be name of unified Southwest Texas and Rio Grande Conferences

The unified Southwest Texas and Rio Grande Conferences of the United Methodist Church will go by the name “Rio Texas Conference.” The team charged with implementing unification of the conferences chose the name in a unanimous vote on Wednesday, and announced it today. Byrd Bonner, a Southwest Texas Conference layman and co-chair of the Unification […]

A church crisis requires a communication plan

By Liz Applegate, Special Contributor… It’s a horrible thought—the worst has happened at a church across town. Someone was killed during a crime on the church property. The church suffered a fire. Or the nightmare of having a child molested. It’s with a heavy heart that I have to write about these situations. It’s with […]

A Wesleyan’s five-point salute to Calvinism

By Talbot Davis, Special Contributor… I am a Wesleyan today because I was first a Calvinist. Huh? Yeah, my first extended church experience after coming to faith as a teenager was at a lovely church in Dallas called Believer’s Chapel. Though I was very new to the faith and didn’t initially have the language for […]

A gentler, kinder approach to the mission trip

By Nan McCurdy and Miguel Mairena, Special Contributors… When organizing an international mission trip, it is helpful to prepare your group to go with open minds and open hearts: open to learning from the people you will meet, open to listening to them and open to understanding them and how they interpret the gospel in […]

History of Hymns: ‘Cast Out’ applies to all with personal demons

Dr. Bringle’s fresh and captivating texts bring biblical passages to life in unique ways. Her text “Cast Out, O Christ” (2006) focuses on the Gerasene demoniac whom Jesus healed.

Q&A: A stand for Christian universalism

Can everyone be saved through Jesus Christ? The Rev. Heath Bradley, associate pastor of preaching and Christian education at Pulaski Heights UMC in Little Rock, Ark., thinks so. In his new book, Flames of Love: Hell and Universal Salvation (Wipf and Stock Publishers), Mr. Bradley builds a theological framework for the doctrine of hell that […]

Aging Well: Tips for seniors on greeting young visitors in church

Several Facebook friends recently posted something that caught my attention. It was a newsletter from the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations offering advice for older adults who are greeting young adults at church. Though United Methodists may differ with the UUAC on many theological issues, I wondered if the suggestions for older adults might spark […]