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Wesleyan Wisdom: Why Mosaics are leaving the church

Why are we losing our young adults, those who author Addie Zierman’s identifies as “millennials”? David Kinnaman, in his book You Lost Me, suggests that this group is more accurately called “Mosaics” because the people born since 1964 are so diverse in so many ways!  Thousands pack churches like Joel Osteen’s in Houston or the Elevation […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: How does Wesleyan theology rank with “millenials”?

The naming of generations is a fairly recent thing, beginning with “Baby Boomers” (born 1946-64). The defining moment for the Boomers was the Vietnam War and the “disestablishmentarianism” of the 1960’s. One of the establishments which began eroding was the traditional church, built for the most part on denominational loyalty. The late 1960’s represented the […]