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Recently Read: NY Conference approves LGBTQ ministry candidates

Four clergy candidates who came out as gay in an open letter to The United Methodist Church before the 2016 General Conference were among 28 people approved for ministry by the New York Conference. Elyse Ambrose, Bruce Lamb and Lea Matthews were approved for commissioning and Alex da Silva Souto was approved for ordination. A […]

Baltimore-Washington clergy vote not to commission deacon

Clergy members of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, meeting June 1 in an Executive Session, did not approve Tara “T.C.” Morrow for commissioning as a Deacon in The United Methodist Church. Morrow failed to receive the two-thirds of the vote needed to be approved. Morrow, who is woman married to another woman, became a litmus test […]

Commentary: A difficult obedience

by Michael J. Gehring* Adam Hamilton, in the closing session of the 2015 Leadership Institute at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, related how he and the other ministers at the church work diligently to foster a culture of call. In Sunday school classes, youth meetings, and in other venues, they encourage youth and […]

Pressing On | Wesley Bros

It’s hard to make the ordination process-relational. So many candidates, so many bureaucratic decisions to be made, so few open appointments. Many people feel called to ministry and enter the giant machine known as the United Methodist ordination process. They are affirmed by their churches, and somehow make it through all the steps (including expensive […]

Yoked to Christ and His Church: A Reflection on Vows

“I will pay my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people.” -Psalm 116:14 (NRSV) The change was instantaneous.  The moment I was ordained, the least important thing about me became my “personal” convictions.  Two and a half years ago, at the holy ground called Lake Junaluska Assembly, several bishops as well […]

Young Adults Explore their Calling in Denver

Across the country, Friday morning will bring over 400 hundred  18-25 year old young adults packing bags, climbing into cars, and boarding airplanes. Their destination? Exploration 2013, a weekend conference for young adults discerning a call towards ordained ministry. This biannual event is sponsored by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. The Exploration Design […]

Recently Read: Bishop takes on on-line ordinations

Last week Bishop Peggy Johnson posted an article on her blog addressing concern about UM’s taking advantage of on-line ordinations: Furthermore, anyone who has an ordination certificate has joined another denomination and is no longer a member of the United Methodist Church.   The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2012) reads as follows:   […]

Too old to be an elder? Let’s hope not, UM pastor says

By Chappell Temple, Special Contributor… I’m almost surprised that Methodists haven’t crashed the whole Internet, as many emails, twitter messages, and blog pieces that have been circulating through cyberspace over the subject in recent days. For the “outing” of a Texas Conference internal proposal, one intended just for discussion, that would set an age limit […]

Faith kept seminary grad going

DALLAS—In pursuing a United Methodist seminary education, the Rev. Ella Luna faced so many trials—some of them matters of life and death—that friends began to compare her to a certain Old Testament character. They meant well, but that too became a trial. “People would mention Job to me and I would just want to wring […]