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Whatever happened to “truth”?

  by Chris Momany   The mixture of condemnation and hand-wringing over the Trump presidential candidacy would be amusing if the stakes were not so high. Those running for office have perfected the art of truth-bending, even those who do so under the banner of not being a “politician.” Yet independent fact-checkers are wearing themselves out […]

5 Things to Watch as the 2016 Campaign Gets Underway

(RNS) As presidential candidacies multiply and campaigning accelerates, we can expect much tawdriness to occur. These are difficult times in American democracy. Money will pour into negative campaigning and ideological posturing. Lies will become the norm. Every word will evoke counterattack, and facts will lose their currency. Barbed sound bites will be mistaken for wisdom. […]

Obama’s God Talk ‘doesn’t stand a chance’ in a Polarized America

WASHINGTON (RNS) After taking heat from the religious right for saying Christians and Muslims have all committed horrors in God’s name, President Obama is now angering the religious left with an upcoming White House conference on combating ”violent extremism” that seems to focus only on Muslims. The back-to-back controversies raise the question: Can Obama — or any president — […]

Can the UMC model a healthy form of debate?

At our campus ministry, we play fantasy football the same way we play any sport. Which is to say, we’re all talk. “Dude, did your girlfriend set your lineup this week?” “Don’t insult his girlfriend like that. She actually understands a thing or two about football.” “Lay off. I don’t even have a girlfriend.” “No […]

Religious labels matter less in 2012 campaign

By Bob Smietana, USA Today… There aren’t any white Protestants on the presidential ballot this year—a first in American history. Instead, the race features two Catholic candidates for vice president, and a Mormon Republican and African-American mainline Protestant for president. Perhaps lucky for all of them, voters care more about issues such as social justice […]

Avoid snare of partisan politics

By Shannon Blosser, Special Contributor… The United States is a polarized country. Everything is clouded by the win-loss arguments of politics. For instance, the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act was seen not as a constitutional exercise of judgment, but a game of politics of who won and who lost. Sadly, too […]