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Relevance X/LEAD 2013 – Young UMs gather, seek ways to transform the world

LAS VEGAS—“How many of you are tired of hearing the United Methodist Church is dying?” Those were Glen Simpson’s first words to participants at Relevance X 2013, a three-day leadership conference in Las Vegas Feb. 15-17 for young people 18 to 30. Through energetic worship services, sermons, dialogue and a unique “field trip,” participants focused […]

Commentary: Why it’s time for the UMC’s Era of Innovation

By Rob Rynders, Special Contributor… Recently, the Church of England voted to keep women from becoming bishops, which some say dealt the final blow in that church’s fight to remain relevant (or become relevant, for that matter). Around the same time, my favorite economist, Tim Harford, wrote a blog post suggesting the Church of England’s decline […]