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Commentary: A proposal for automatic penalties for clergy

Is it time for the United Methodist Church to do away with church trials to adopt a more efficient system of automatic penalties for wayward clergy?

Michigan pastor camps out to protest trial delay

Marquette, MI — It’s cold in Michigan this time of year. But the snow has not deterred the Rev. Michael Tupper from pitching his tent in the front of the First United Methodist Church of Marquette to protest what he believes is an unreasonable delay by Marquette District Superintendent Rev. Elbert P. Dulworth in processing […]

Another response to Bishop Brown’s statement

Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. in his response to the Same-Sex Marriage decision of the Supreme Court, reminds us; “The heart of our call of to ministry is to be pastor to the people of the congregation, and the community we serve.” Now that the Supreme Court has declared that Same-Sex marriage is valid in the 50 states […]

Council of Bishops President Issues Statement on Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Bishop Warner H. Brown Jr., president of the United Methodist Council of Bishops, issued a statement early this morning responding to the decision by the United States Supreme Court that same-sex marriage is a protected right under the U.S. Constitution. In his statement (printed in full below), Brown recognizes the ongoing division in the United […]

New online atlas ‘heat-maps’ views on abortion, gay marriage, immigration

The latest edition of the American Values Atlas, released Wednesday (Feb. 25), allows users to “heat-map” views on those issues across all 50 states and 30 metropolitan areas to see where attitudes blow hot or cold.

On same-sex marriage in Alabama and the United Methodist Church (COMMENTARY)

Scripture was cited to support prohibitions against the ordination of women, the validation of the enslavement of blacks, support for racial segregation, and resistance to interracial marriage. Scripture has not changed in its content, but I believe we have been Spirit-led to re-interpret those Scriptures that were used to enforce the above.

Why same-sex marriage is expected to heat up this election among evangelicals

As more states affirm same-sex marriage, U.S. evangelicals continue to wrestle with homosexuality, setting boundaries for what’s acceptable and what’s not, and setting the stage for a heated fall election season. This week, things got hotter.

10 Retired Clergy Say They Will Officiate at Weddings of Same-Sex Couples

Even though their denomination’s policy officially prohibits clergy from officiating at the wedding of any same-sex couple at the risk of losing their ordination, ten retired United Methodist clergy have stated their intent to make themselves available to officiate weddings of same-sex couples.

Opinions differ on a moratorium for church trials

It was an expensive media spectacle. A United Methodist pastor had presided at the marriage ceremony of his gay son and his partner, and several years later was brought before a jury of his peers to answer for his disobedience to the laws of the United Methodist Church. As the broader society wrestled with the […]

Bishop Johnson responds to questions on Schaefer trial

Bishop Peggy Johnson of the Philadelphia Episcopal Area, which includes the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference where the Rev. Frank Schaefer is a clergy member, responded to questions from The United Methodist Reporter about Schaefer’s trial. Rev. Schaefer was convicted earlier this week of performing a same-sex wedding (for his son Tim) and disobedience to the […]