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Recently Read: Christian Witness in Trying Times

  Editor’s Note: At UMR we re-read this brilliant article by our friend and columnist Rev. Dr. Stephen Rankin on a regular basis.  We often recommend it to folks who cross the line in comments on our web-site here and in comments on our Facebook Page or in Twitter messages.  We post part of it […]

A Nearly Forgotten Exemplar of Generous Orthodoxy

Like a number of other words, “orthodoxy” (or “orthodox”) has become a fighting word. People who call themselves “orthodox” (as I do) get taken to task by others suspicious of our motives. Apparently, we are hellbent to impose our narrow, outmoded, beliefs on others and either force them to capitulate or force them out of […]

Christian resurrection-deniers are wearisome bunch

By Stephen Rankin, Special Contributor… Lots of good possibilities exist for serious give-and-take between believers and non-believers. I love talking to honest skeptics. But there’s one group I admit I’ve grown weary of: Christian resurrection-deniers. Not resurrection deniers in general, but those who claim to follow Jesus, who blithely assert that thinking people simply cannot […]

George W. Bush Presidential Center dedicated at SMU

The George W. Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University was dedicated this morning in Dallas, with President Barack Obama and all living former presidents and First Ladies attending. A large crowd, including Bush administration alumni, family members of former presidents and numerous foreign dignitaries, gathered outside in mild weather by the $250 million facility, a new anchor for the east […]

Commentary: Witnessing for Christ amid growing diversity

By Stephen Rankin, Special Contributor… You may have read or heard that the 113th Congress just installed its first Hindu member of the House, its first Buddhist senator (who admits that she doesn’t currently “practice”) and its first “none” (no religious affiliation of any sort), who is also the first openly bisexual member of Congress. […]

SMU chaplain: The United Methodist Church is imploding

By Stephen W. Rankin, Special Contributor… I just finished teaching in the certification class at Perkins School of Youth Ministry. To the whole group last Monday and to the class members throughout the week, I said several hard things about the future. One of the hard things I said was, “The United Methodist Church is imploding.”  Two […]