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Commentary: Sunday school – Fount of theological ignorance?

By Teddy Ray, Special Contributor… One of the places where America began to become theologically illiterate was an odd one: Sunday school. I believe the introduction of Sunday schools truly has caused the American church to know less about what they believe. For one thing, when we began focusing on Sunday schools, we moved from having […]

A different way of doing the ‘multi-site’ church

By Teddy Ray, Special Contributor… First UMC of Lexington, Ky., where I’m executive pastor, we’re doing something that is becoming quite common in the North American Church. We’ve gone to multiple sites and multiple worshipping communities. At the same time, we’re doing something very unique, at least from what I have seen as I survey […]

Why United Methodists should have a catechism

By Teddy Ray, Special Contributor… William Abraham, of Perkins School of Theology, recounts a conversation at a United Methodist church between one of his friends and a couple who had transferred in from the Southern Baptist tradition. The former Baptists shared that where “before, as Southern Baptists, they had to accept a whole system of […]

Why a budget crunch is looming for the UMC

By Teddy Ray, Special Contributor… I recently asked a friend who is business administrator of his church to run a quick analysis for me. My specific question: “How much of your church’s contributions come from people age 55 and over?” His answer was “70 percent.” My friend was unflinching. “Isn’t it just always that way?” […]