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Stand Together as People of Faith

Global Ministries Head Calls for Common Humanity in the wake of violence By Linda Unger* June 29, 2016 — Shortly after surviving yesterday’s bombing at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Turkey, Thomas Kemper, leader of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, called on all people of faith to stand together against hate and terror. […]

Recently Viewed: Thomas Kemper at the Istanbul Airport During the Terror Bombing *UPDATED*

UPDATED 06/30/16 11:30am CT Istanbul Airport Hiding out amidst chaos Thomas Kemper was in the Turkish Airlines lounge when the bomb blasts went off. “Everybody started running and went in all directions,” he said. He ended up in a back room off the kitchen, where he hid behind some boxes with another man. “You have […]

Recently Read: A general secretary reports to GBGM

NEW YORK, NY — As a part of the fall meeting of the General Board of Global Ministries this week, General Secretary Thomas Kemper offered a lengthy report to the board on the work of the agency: I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that in recent years this mission agency, as representative of […]

GBGM leader issues statement on tragedy at Lampedusa

Thomas Kemper, General Secretary of the Board of Global Ministries, issued the following statement reflecting on the news regarding the boat accident off the Italian island of Lampedusa: The deaths of more than 130 migrants from Eritrea and Somalia in a boat accident within sight of land off the Italian island of Lampedusa is a […]

The theology behind disaster relief and recovery

By Thomas Kemper, United Methodist News Service… “Churches Shelve Theology for Disaster Relief Efforts” ran the headline of a Tennessee newspaper reporting on a devastating 2010 flood. The article focused on how churches with different ways of thinking were working together in response to the urgent needs of flood victims. Yet the headline also suggested […]

UMs comment on naming of new pope

By Heather Hahn and Amanda Bachus, United Methodist News Service… United Methodists and other Methodists offered prayers and warm wishes to Pope Francis, the first pope from the Americas, who now will set the tone for the Roman Catholic Church’s ecumenical relations with other Christian traditions. Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church selected Cardinal Jorge […]

UM agency’s board enters new era of mission

NEW YORK—A few years ago, the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries began an extended, and sometimes painful, process of re-inventing itself. The results, which include a significant decrease in the size of its board of directors, staff reductions and a realigning of structure and priorities, were apparent Oct. 22-24 when the mission agency […]

GBGM speaks on Gaza

Editor’s note: the General Board of Global Ministries has issued the following: By Melissa Hinnen Consistent with the resolutions of the United Methodist General Conference and with the World Methodist Council resolution on Israel and Palestine, the General Board of Global Ministries condemns the use of violence in the region and asks for prayers for a […]

Breaking Away – UMW begins new era of independence

You could say that Cynthia Rives was raised from the cradle to be part of United Methodist Women. As a child, she attended activities with her mother, an officer in the denomination’s New Mexico Annual Conference. As a bride of 20, she joined on her own. Over the years, in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, […]

West Ohio Conference rides the crest of the missional wave

By Melissa Hinnen, Special Contributor… “God has got to be super happy,” Bishop Bruce Ough emotionally declared after a miracle offering at the West Ohio Annual Conference. By the close of the June 10-13 meeting in Lakeside, Ohio, the conference had raised more than $1 million for the Wings of the Morning aviation ministry. That […]