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Wesley not author of ‘Come, Thou Almighty King’

“Come, Thou Almighty King” Anonymous author UM Hymnal, No. 61 Come, thou almighty King, Help us thy name to sing, Help us to praise! Father all glorious, O’er all victorious, Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days! This well-known hymn, now of uncertain authorship, was attributed to Charles Wesley in Methodist hymnals published in […]

‘Wind Who Makes All Winds’ honors presence of Holy Spirit

“Wind Who Makes All Winds that Blow” Thomas Troeger UM Hymnal, No. 538 Wind who makes all winds that blow, gusts that bend the sapling low, gales that heave the sea in waves, stirrings in the mind’s deep caves: Aim your breath with steady power on your church, this day, this hour. Raise, renew the […]