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United Methodist Communications rolls out a revamped

Wednesday morning was a long awaited day for many in the United Methodist Communications (UMCom) offices. February 12th was the roll out date for a newly revamped and designed The life of a website is tough today’s marketplace. Competing with the many start up businesses and ecommerce sites that pride themselves on a user […]

Church hotline provides ‘Info’ ministry

By Susan Passi-Klaus, United Methodist Communications… NASHVILLE, Tenn.—It’s happened more times than Mary Lynn Holly can count. She’s sitting at her desk at the end of a particularly difficult day, weary, ready to go home, questioning whether there’s meaning to her work. Then the phone rings, and she shifts into “help” mode. At those times, […]

Commentary: Congregations can help the troops coming home

By Larry Hollon, Special Contributor… When the Vietnam War ended in 1975, troops came home not to the accolades and war heroes’ welcome of days past, but to personal attacks on character based on the condemnation of the war itself. Today, we face an unprecedented number of troops coming home from what has become the […]

UM Twitter sub-culture leads to global feedback

TAMPA, Fla.—Even before opening worship at General Conference, a prophetic post went up on Twitter: “Twitter is about to be ridiculously overloaded with Methodists and their iPhones.” So it was. And so General Conference 2012, whatever else happens, may be identified in UM history as the first where social media took hold in a big […]