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Wrap It Up! Books on faith still gladden hearts at Christmas

By Sam Hodges, Managing Editor and Mary Jacobs, Staff Writer… Getting pleasantly lost in a bookstore isn’t easy to do anymore. Bookstores have continued to close as readers and publishers embrace online book sales, digital books and e-readers. The recent announcement by the United Methodist Publishing House that all Cokesbury stores will be shuttered by […]

‘The Excellent Remnant Church’ – Making a move helps N.Y. church find new life

Editor’s note: The Sept. 21 print edition of the Reporter includes an interview with the Rev. Paul Nixon about his new book We Refused to Lead a Dying Church! It includes profiles of 15 churches that bounced back after a period of decline. With the permission of Mr. Nixon and his publisher, The Pilgrim Press, we offer […]

Q&A: On bringing new life to a ‘dying church’

The Rev. Paul Nixon is a UM minister, church consultant and author, based in Washington, D.C. His new book We Refused to Lead a Dying Church! (The Pilgrim Press) profiles 15 comeback congregations, eight of them United Methodist. He agreed to an email interview with managing editor Sam Hodges. You wrote a popular, influential book […]