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Dispatch From The Front Line

  by Rev. Wes Magruder A group of men and women in high-res yellow vests huddle around a fire in a barrel on the beach as the wind picks up off the Aegean Sea. Suddenly, someone shouts and there is a flurry of activity, as people rush to their cars and take off screaming down […]

Book Review: Learning from Charles Wesley’s writings on the poor

In Radical Grace, the Rev. S T Kimbrough Jr. takes a closer look at the sermons, poetry and personal writings of Charles in order to steer the existing church toward a more authentic Wesleyan posture concerning those in poverty and oppression.

Book Review: Finding new paths to interfaith understanding

By Wes Magruder, Special Contributor…  Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World Brian McLaren Jericho Books, 2012 Hardcover, 288 pages   My conversion began with Mohammed, a smiling 21-year-old Sudanese refugee who began attending our small missional community called New Day, in North Dallas. He […]

Book Review: Seeking the best way to help orphans in Africa

By Wes Magruder, Special Contributor…   A Twist of Faith: An American Christian’s Quest to Help Orphans in Africa John Donnelly Beacon Press, 2012 Hardcover, 200 pages  I saw it happen several times as a United Methodist missionary living in Cameroon, West Africa. A church mission team from America would visit the mission and travel […]