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Wesley Bros: Every General Conference ever…

I usually am a happier human and Christian when I ignore politics…both American and Methodist.  Richard Rohr, in a recent interview on The Liturgists podcast (listen here), mentioned that he was very impressed by Methodism because it didn’t produce “angry Christians.”  For the most part, he’s right.  We try to unite around a rich belief […]

Wesley Bros: Zwingli loves sausage

Lent is that weird season where Christians go on a diet.  Catholics and Orthodox give up meat (at least on Fridays), and High Church Protestants give up caffeine or booze or chocolate or social media.  One of my students this year gave up giving up stuff, meaning, he won’t be participating in the Lenten fast. […]

Wesley Bros: Papa Don’t Preach

  Most of the history you read doesn’t bode favorably for John & Charles Wesley’s father, Samuel. In fact, Susanna is the one you always hear about. And rightfully so, she raised 10 children practically by herself. She lost 9 children at childbirth or in infancy, so on top of the grief, on top of […]

Wesley Bros | Atonement Theories of Relativity

Most Christians can say, “Jesus died to save us from our sins,” but can’t really explain much more than that.  How does it all work?  How does one man’s death make people right with God?  Why didn’t God work it all out some other way?  This history of Christianity has involved quite a few different […]

Pressing On | Wesley Bros

It’s hard to make the ordination process-relational. So many candidates, so many bureaucratic decisions to be made, so few open appointments. Many people feel called to ministry and enter the giant machine known as the United Methodist ordination process. They are affirmed by their churches, and somehow make it through all the steps (including expensive […]

Wesley Bros: How sweet the sound

Click on image to enlarge to screen… Opinionated Parishioner believes all criticism is “constructive.” Worship leaders often hear opinions about what they should or shouldn’t be doing more than they receive thanks for what they are doing. This is probably due to most people thinking worship is something the leaders do to entertain them, rather […]

Wesley Bros: Prilosec Pentecost

Click image to enlarge This past May 24th was the 275th anniversary of John Wesley’s famous Aldersgate experience. Upon hearing Martin Luther’s preface to Romans, John described what many would explain as the Holy Spirit coming upon him in power. He had a confident assurance forever after, and by forever, I mean a few days. […]

Wesley Bros: Arminian Development

Click image to enlarge to screen size… In honor of a new season of Arrested Development, I thought it was a perfect time to talk about John Wesley’s childhood.  John almost died in a house fire when he was 5.  As an adult, he would look back on this incident and refer to himself as […]

The Wesley Bros: John doesn’t get it

Click on the image to expand: Have you ever had a pastor or a professor straight out of school, who only knows how to communicate to other academic people?  Supremely annoying. BTW.  Pretty sure I made up the term ‘therapeutic soteriology,’ but it’s pretty spot on.  John Wesley saw Christ’s work on the cross as […]