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Sent out: Thursday morning worship at General Conference

If worshippers didn’t already know that the world is a tough place for millions of people, they certainly did after hearing the Thursday morning message from Bishop John Yambasu, who serves in the Sierra Leone Episcopal Area.  “It is estimated that one in every hundred people in our world are either on the run or living […]

Bishop Devadhar: Listen for wisdom in unexpected places

Light and darkness. African beat and liturgical dance. Hopeful listening and wise advice. These were the elements worshippers found in worship Saturday morning at General Conference in Portland Ore. The Tamba Marimba Ensemble offered the beat.  The strains of “star of wonder, star of light” teased the ear in the darkened room illuminated only by […]

Mystic Chapel: An example of a ritual use review

By Taylor Burton Edwards* Introduction I’ve had hymns, hymnals and congregational singing on my mind a lot over this past year or two. We at Discipleship Ministries and the Publishing House had been in negotiations since 2014 about bringing a proposal for a new hymnal to General Conference this year. We’ve come to agree on […]

Recently Read:The Issue of Age in Modern Worship

Manuel Luz isn’t United Methodist, but serves as the music and worship pastor at the Oak Hills Church in Folsom, CA. However, he recently wrote a blog post that piqued our interest about modern congregations “retiring” their worship pastors in favor of folks who are younger and hipper: The dirty little secret is that, in […]

Wisdom from Africa

By Bishop Michael J. Coyner, Special Contributor… We often note that our United Methodist Church is not growing in many places in the United States, but our United Methodist Church is growing in many parts of Africa.  This discrepancy leads to much self-recrimination among our American congregations and leaders.  Others offer various theories about why we […]

Saturday Night Fervor – UMCs adding worship at new time slot

More and more faithful United Methodists are sleeping in on Sunday morning and not feeling a bit guilty. That’s because they went to church on Saturday night. Erinn Howard and her busy family are looking forward to having that option very soon. Her church, Shiloh United Methodist in Cincinnati, is adding a Saturday evening worship […]